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Problem Statement:  
Manao is traversing a valley inhabited by monsters. During his journey, he will encounter several monsters one by one. The scariness of each monster is a positive integer. Some monsters may be scarier than others. The i-th (0-based index) monster Manao will meet has scariness equal to dread[i].  Manao is not going to fight the monsters. Instead, he will bribe some of them and make them join him. To bribe the i-th monster, Manao needs price[i] gold coins. The monsters are not too greedy, therefore each value in price will be either 1 or 2.  At the beginning, Manao travels alone. Each time he meets a monster, he first has the option to bribe it, and then the monster may decide to attack him. A monster will attack Manao if and only if he did not bribe it and its scariness is strictly greater than the total scariness of all monsters in Manao's party. In other words, whenever Manao encounters a monster that would attack him, he has to bribe it. If he encounters a monster that would not attack him, he may either bribe it, or simply walk past the monster
You are given the vector <int>s dread and price. Compute the minimum price Manao will pay to safely pass the valley.
dp[n][p]=max{dp[n-1][p](dp[n-1][p]>scariness[n]), dp[n-1][p-price[n]]+scariness[n]}
using namespace std;
class MonstersValley2{
	int minimumPrice(vector <int> dread,vector <int> price){
		long long dp[21][41];
		for(int i=0;i<=40;i++)dp[0][i]=0;
		for(int i=1;i<=dread.size();i++){
			for(int j=0;j<=40;j++){
					long long t=dp[i-1][j-price[i-1]]+dread[i-1];
				cout<<dp[i][j]<<' ';
		for(int j=0;j<=40;j++){
			if(dp[dread.size()][j]!=-1)return j;
		return -1;


Problem Statement:
A divisible sequence with starting value N and length H is a sequence of positive integers with the following properties:
The sequence has H elements, labeled A[0] through A[H-1].
A[0] equals N.
For each i between 0 and H-2, inclusive, A[i+1] divides A[i].
You are given the ints N and H. Let C be the count of all divisible sequences with starting value N and length H. Return the value (C modulo 1,000,000,009).
这样一步步生成下一个元素的过程中,只要各个因子对应的指数不增,则最终形成一个Divisible Sequence。


如x=2,H=3的情况下,操作序列:减1、取数、减1、取数、取数 形成一个单调不增序列1,0,0


    // Let us use trial divison to find prime factors p
    for (int p=2; p <= N/p; p++) {
        int c = 0;
        while (N % p == 0) {
            N /= p;	
        res = ( res * C(H-1+c, c) ) % MOD;
    if (N > 1) {
        // N is one last prime factor, c = 1
        // C(H-1+1,1) = H
        res = ( res * H ) % MOD;




final int MOD = 1000000009;
// Calculates x raised to the y-th power modulo MOD
long modPow(long x, long y)
    long r=1, a=x;
    while (y > 0) {
        if ( (y&1)==1 ) {
            r = (r * a) % MOD;
        a = (a * a) % MOD;
        y /= 2;
    return r;
// Modular multiplicative inverse through Fermat's little theorem:
long modInverse(long x)
    return modPow(x, MOD-2);
// Modular division x / y, find modular multiplicative inverse of y
// and multiply by x.
long modDivision(long p, long q)
    return (p * modInverse(q)) % MOD;
// Binomial coifficient C(n,k) in O(k) time.
long C(long n, int k)
    if (k > n) {
        return 0;
    long p = 1, q = 1;
    for (int i=1; i<=k; i++) {
        q = ( q * i) % MOD;
        p = ( p * (n - i + 1) ) % MOD;
    return modDivision( p, q);

这里出现了modular divisionModular multiplicative inverse(模反元素)的概念 和 费马小定理(Fermat's little theorem)

如果a-1和x对于m是同模的,则x就是a的模反元素,这时有a*x mod m = a*a-1 mod m = 1

模反元素可以用于计算modular division,p/q mod m 可以表示为 p*q-1 mod m,其中q-1是q的模反元素。


假如a是一个整数,p是一个质数,这个定理表明amod p = a mod p

如果a不是p的倍数,这个定理可以写成ap-1mod p = 1。


怎样计算xy :



这是因为xy=(x2)y/2*xy%2 ,这样计算xy就转化为计算(x2)y/2

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